CTS Foreyule Feast - Turkey Instructions


It has been traditional to buy the turkey from S. Fabish & Sons on Mill Road (tel. 353092), now Andrew Robinson. There's no reason why another local butcher couldn't be used, though Fabish's / Robinson's have served us very well.
It's usual to buy a fresh turkey, rather than frozen - they usually taste better, and it saves a lot of faff with defrosting. In order to ensure that one of the desired size can be obtained on the day, it's a good idea to reserve it in advance - about a week's notice should be sufficient.
As for size, an allowance of between ¾ lb and 1 lb per head seems to be about right. A reservation can probably be made fairly safely before the exact final numbers are known - there's usually some left over.

Equipment and Extras


There are a variety of instructions for cooking turkeys - the details here seem to work well. In practice, the most important thing is that the bird is fully cooked: if it's overdone, it may be a bit drier and tougher, but if it's underdone, there's a distinct risk of food poisoning! The test is to pierce the thickest part of the meat with a skewer or knife - it's cooked only when the juices run clear. As far as overall timing goes, preparation is 10-15 minutes, cooking is 4-4½ hours, and standing and carving is perhaps another 30 minutes. The carved meat can be served directly onto the plates of the queuing participants, or onto a pre-warmed plate for later self-service.
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