CTS Foreyule Feast - Soup Instructions

Note: this recipe is vegetarian, but not vegan. It is unsuitable for those allergic to milk, gluten or (obviously!) mushrooms.


To feed 16 All the ingredients can be obtained from supermarkets.


Very large pan
A preserving pan or similar is typical. It's helpful if it can be covered. Contacts for borrowing: Matthew Reid, Steve Linley.
Wooden spoon
Can be borrowed from Mark Waller if not available.


Instruction Timing
Chop the onions and mushrooms separately. 20 minutes
Unwrap all the butter onto a plate; retain the paper for later use. Melt the butter in the cauldron. 5 minutes
Add the onions to the butter, and crush in the garlic. Cook over a low heat until the onions are soft. 10 minutes
Add the mushrooms to the onions and cook for about 5 minutes. 5 minutes
Mix in the flour, and about ½ pint water
Cook for 15 minutes, adding a little more water if necessary. 15 minutes
Add the rest of the water, crush in the stock cubes, and bring to the boil. 40 minutes
Lower to medium heat and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring often. 10 minutes
Add the milk and turn to a low heat (do NOT boil after adding milk).
Add salt, pepper and lemon juice, and let cook for a few minutes. 20 - 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hours?
NB: to reheat, stir over a LOW heat. This takes a LONG TIME (2 hours at least).


This recipe allows for about 2 ladlefuls per person, with a possibility of seconds depending on numbers eating and exact quantities used. It is recommended to round the numbers eating to the nearest 4, and adjust the quantities of ingredients proportionately.
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