CTS Foreyule Feast - Drinks Notes

Soft Drinks

These are provided as part of the basic price. For a typical group of 15-16 participants, allow perhaps 3-4 litres of lemonade and/or coke, and 4-6 litres of (cheap) orange juice.


Until 1999, real ale and cider were provided as optional extras, and bought in bulk from the draught beer and cider list at the Jug & Firkin on Mill Road (now Bacchanalia). About 1½ pints a head of each was allowed for; the beer was typically a session bitter (usually whatever was cheapest), sometimes with a smaller quantity of something darker and stronger. The cider was either from the draught cider list, or (for smaller numbers) Weston's Old Rosie or similar (3 pint bottle).
With the opening of Milton Brewery, and the change in Feast venue to the Empire (6 Scarsdale Close), an experiment was tried in 2000 of providing a 72-pint cask of Milton's Pegasus (4.2% or so, session bitter), with the first two pints pre-paid, and anything further on the traditional beer donating bowl basis. This seemed to work quite well. The small quantity of real cider was again obtained from the Jug & Firkin.
In future, the committee could repeat the 2000 procedure, or else move to a system where no alcohol is provided as part of the Feast itself, and participants can either buy the beer provided (standard party fashion), or bring their own cider or whatever. In either case, the exact commercial basis should be negotiated with the hosts in advance, particularly the exact quantity of beer being bought by the CTS. There is also the option of the CTS buying a whole cask direct. Unfortunately, 72 pints is rather more than the usual numbers at the Feast can conveniently drink, and a 36-pint cask is somewhat more expensive per pint.
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